Child Care

Your Children will learn, play, and make friends at our Child Care Center.

Our Childcare Philosophy

The goal at Christine’s Little Athletes is to have all the children who attend our center have a fun day where they learn and play and make new friends.



Building Respect, Responsibility, and Confidence

We want your child to feel comfortable and safe while building respect, responsibility and confidence. We do not discriminate upon any gender, race, or disability. We will provide them with love and attention, along with fun daily activities to help them learn and grow.

We hope to teach the children to respect themselves and each other. We believe all children should have a safe and happy environment. We don’t allow hitting, biting, yelling, or name calling at any time. Children will be encouraged through positive reinforcement to be nice to their friends as well as respect adults. We will encourage all children to treat their friends and teachers with respect. We provide a daily structured program with an emphasis on creative art.

Building through Athletics

We firmly believe athletics, art, and music are important in helping our children stay active in both mind and body. Our goal is to reduce screen time and help children build confidence which supports a successful future.

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We love it when children express their interests, and do our best to support and encourage them.
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